My work as a photographer is split into different sections: 

 - Content creation for brands, 

- Lifestyle photography including weddings, 

- Commercial and fashion based briefs. 

 One of my favourite areas of my job is lifestyle photography, with one of shoots I get commissioned to do is maternity photo shoots, even more so when you get to photograph a friend. Alana is the first hair stylist I have worked with when I started my business. We have done lots of fun creative photo shoots of the years together. When she told me she was expecting her first child I jumped at capturing her amazing glowing bump.

We wanted something that was colourful and picked up on her festival fun side. Photographing in the heat was tough but Alana did a great job.


In my job I get to meet a lot of models and many turn into great friends. My friend Charlotte is an amazing model and she’s one of those women who is beautiful on the inside as well. 

With this gorgeous weather of late and her love of palm tree we worked together to create a fun summer fashion story.

Our location was a garden right net to Gylly beach in Falmouth, it looked so tropical and on this bright hot sunny day we could of been anywhere in the world.


It has been a while since my last personal project which was Enchantment. As a creative photographer I find it is extremely important to push yourself as an artist to create a bulk of work that is just for you. Your own creative avenue, your own stories and hence your own characters. 

 I grew up in a very creative household. My mum was and still is a huge story teller. She would make up make believe worlds and her tell us her own stories with these weird and amazing characters. My head would be filled with these images from her stories. 

 I have always wanted to create my own coffee table book full of my own photographs. So now is the time to start this journey. I know this will probably take me a few years to complete but I am so excited about this project. 

 So what am I going to be doing? I will be creating portraits of Extraordinary Characters. Some of these characters you will probably know from well stories or films but some will be very new to you. Some of the inspiration will come from my mums stories and some of the character you will probably know, some are from people I have met. 

In my job i am very lucky to meet so many interesting people and they always inspire me. I come up with visual stories for them and now is the time to create these. 

 Each character that I create I will share with the story and I will keep back the ‘hero’ image for my book.My first character is a beautiful woman who has to look after her plant babies. These plants are very deadly and they need to fed. The lady captures and lures men and then has to kill them to feed to her plants. Below are some behind the scenes from our shoot and also some extra images. The plants are all hand made by my mum and as you can see they are amazing.

MODEL Charlotte Lodey




I am a huge coffee lover so I thought it was a good idea to look for my number one coffee shop in Cornwall. My first coffee was in Slice of Cornwall a tearoom set in a sculpture garden just outside Helston. I had a vanilla soya latte which was incredible. I love the vibe there it’s such a pretty place. You can sit outside on the enclosed terrace or inside. They also sell the most amazing mugs, which I’ve brought two already! The food is amazing and the staff are lovely too. If you are looking for somewhere to take the kids this is ideal because you can walk round the gardens there as well after coffee or food. Definitely a place worth to visit!


It is so important when you are running your own business to take some time off. I can admit that I am a workaholic, thats because I love what I do and it’s my daily life. At the start of this year I set a goal for myself to take a day or an afternoon off work and get outside, explore and have some down time. Being in Cornwall there is so many beautiful places, but at times when you visit a place you are used too and go to a lot, you kind of miss out seeing new spots of beauty. So I wanted to visit a harbour, a village or a beach that I have never been to or I have been to many times but to see it in a different way.

On Friday we took a flask of coffee, I packed my Lomo camera, a polaroid and my Canon to visit St Ives. Normally when we go to St Ives as a family we tend to look around the shops, and beaches so I wanted to look future. Here is my little picture story, I hope you enjoy!

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