The weather hasn’t very summery of late. I actual think our summer here in Cornwall was over on  the start of Aug. I had a shoot booked and it happen to pour down with rain and the light was funny looking, but I didn’t want to cancel.  The fashion story was with a pair of my favourite models. Lauren and Victoria are twins and are just the nicest girls you could ever meet. The twins and I were surround with awesome plants, we had lots of laughs and shot into the low light - we ended on a rainbow!

MODELS Victoria + Lauren Charman



I have recently been working with a new client creating content from their brand, which has been really fun. Creating visual stories for content for clients is one of my favourite things. It’s so much fun styling and creating a scene for the products to be in. Also when you love a product like this it makes it even more fun to do.

 One of the products that my client sells are slippers. I LOVE the handmade 100% sheepskin and wool slippers, they come is lots of styles and colours. They are so comfy, I practically live in mine! 

I thought it might be interesting to share my content creation with you guys, also to share with you this awesome brand! I know followers on Instagram have already brought pairs.


I always sit on my fashion shoot ideas and wait for the perfect opportunity. Like many artists, I have folders and folders of ideas and mood boards that are just waiting to happen and I always wait for the right time to shoot them. 

The right time can mean fashion season, the weather or the type of model I am looking for. For this shoot the casting was extremely important to me, I wanted a model who was strong, could move beautifully and someone who could work alongside my ideas and bring another level to the story. 

This model, Rebecca was ideal! She has a great sense of vintage style and moves perfectly. We have worked together on other shoots before so once I showed her my mood boards she came up with the three dresses that she was dying to shoot. I wanted bold colours and patterns that would clash but also fit well into the colours of my surroundings. 

 The evening before I drove around finding the most perfect hydrangea backdrops, trying to show off as many colours as possible. 

 Big thank you to an amazing team who were - 

Model Rebecca Aston 

Makeup artist Amy Pike.


On a summers evening just before sunset I had the pleasure to photograph the best couple shoot. Not only was I stood in my favourite place, but I was with such a lovely couple and the added bonus was their incredible 1950’s American truck! 

This is my favourite shoot I have shot this year, there’s not much more I can say other, than allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

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