I have mentioned in my last post about my recent sale shopping and the fact I did get some great bargains, which I am going to share with you today. 

 If you follow me on Instagram you will of seen that I have a new leopard print coat. I have worn this style of coat for years and my last one is actually probably about 15 years old and sadly the lining is falling out. So when I saw this one in the sale I jumped at it. This is so comfy and soft and was from Debenhams

Topshop has so many awesome items in the sale. I brought these awesome red ankle boots  which I LOVE. 

I own a pair of silver ones in the same style from this brand,which I brought last year. After wearing them so many people I know went out to buy them, so this may happen with these red beauties. 

I also brought this soft casual red checked shirt that I brought two sizes up as I like baggy and comfy style. It has beautiful embroidery on the cuffs and on the back. 

 Keeping with a red theme how nice is this cardigan from Hollister.


My love for Marks & Spencers will never change. I shared in my last post that gorgeous pink jumper. At the same time of buying that I got this soft cream jumper. It’s so pretty with metallic silver and gold bits throughout the knit.


As it’s been cold here in Cornwall and I have had pneumonia, so I brought this comfy PJ set and lounge cardigan from Next which is so comfy! Perfect with my favourite slipper brand Sheepers.



I feel like the last few months of 2017 just flew by and here we are in a brand new year! Twenty eighteen… can you believe it? 

The last year was a great one for my business and me personally, I met and worked with so many awesome people and created more stories than ever, plus I got to travel and go on incredible adventures. 

At the end of November I became poorly with pneumonia which was a huge pain. The doctors told me I couldn’t work for a month which stressed me out, but actually it’s been really good for me to be still for a while. 

After recovering and having time with my family, I managed to get out and do some sale shopping which I don’t normally do because I don’t like the shops when they are so busy. This time I was actually looking forward to getting out, grabbing a hot chocolate and finding a bargin. 

Instead of jumping straight into work related blog posts, I thought I would start the year with some fashion themed posts. I am going to cover what I bought more fully, but for today I wanted to show you this cute pink soft jumper as there are still a few left! 

This jumper from Marks & Spencer’s is so lovely, its soft and very comfortable. I am wearing it really casually at home with my slippers - still on festive holiday mode! Also how lovely are my Sheepers slippers! 

You could dress this jumper up more and wear it with a metallic or velvet midi skirt? If you are a lover of pink, as I am you will certainly not want to miss out on this jumper! Here is a link to the jumper 


I can’t believe that the year is almost over, I probably say that every year but this one really does seem to of gone so fast! 

2017 has been a wonderful year for my little photography business and I feel so grateful for that. I always like to look back over the last 12 months and check I have reached the goals I have set, see what I could of done better and what I have learned which helps me set new targets for the coming year. 

One of the goals I set myself was to push further and step out of my comfort now more often. This was important to me because in 2016 I felt I was working for the sake of it and not actually loving each job. This year I have said no to things which don’t interest me and really push into new areas and different ways of working, its resulted in longer hours but I have learned so much.

So looking over 2017 what are my favourite bits? 

I have created more campaigns for clients this year than any previously, campaign work takes months of planning and can be stressful to get right. I normally create around 2 to 3 per year, but this year has seen a boom in storytelling for me. They have been so much fun with each one has being so different, it has really pushed my creativity which has been great!

Here are some of my favourites…

Look books have also been plentiful with so many different ones which I have loved planning and working with my awesome teams of people for each of them. Fashion and editorial shoots there has been so many. My favourite fashion story I shot for myself has to be this… 

Another favourite story was with the twins shot in low light in late summer…

Editorial wise there have been two published stories this year which really stand that I have had the pleasure in creating..

In 2017 I have had more work for brands through Instagram than any previous year. Creating content for social media has been very rewarding and very different for me. Something I have really loved was getting back into styling, creating scenes and flat lays for brands. Its been so much fun creating stories for each all the lovely brands I have worked for this year. 


Also this year has brought me some lovely portrait commissions from commercial head shots to lifestyle memories.

Part of my work is weddings as you know, I’ve actually lost count of how many gorgeous brides I have had the pleasure of photographing this year. I wish all my bride and grooms a very Merry Christmas. 

Here are just a few… 

My favourite bridal styled shoot was this one …

This year I had an adventure of a lifetime with my Mum in Canada which was just magical. There are way too many awesome things that actually happened this year. With 2018 already looking to be even bigger and better I can not wait!  

Thank you for all your support through 2017 and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 


It’s that time of year when you sit back and reflect of what yo have done as a photographer and where you are 

going. I has been an incredible year for me and my business. I have met so many awesome people through my work. 

 Part of this year has brought me lots of different, fun and incredible campaign stories to create. I loved all of them and what I have liked most about this campaign work is how different they have all been. From creating a full image banks to styling on set to making a story romantic and then there’s been fun and laughter along the way. 

Sometimes planning this kind of works takes me months, but I LOVE the whole process. I think it’s so important to create beautiful visual narrative and to create an impactful, engaging story for my clients. 

 I wanted to share with today some of my favourite campaigns I have work done this year.

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