I was lucky enough to work for Aerin Swim last Friday to create a new campaign and some some short films. 

The brand travelled down from Bath on probably one of the worst days regarding the weather here in Cornwall. It was forecasted heavy rain and thunder and lightening. Our model Isabella, came down from Surrey so the pressure was on to get this shoot done what the ever the weather!

 Thank goodness we planned the timing really well and we only had wind and light showers. As soon I as called ‘ its a wrap’ the heavens opened. 

I am thrilled with the images from this campaign and it’s great to see my client using them on their website within the week of shooting for them. 

 Here are a few images and some behind the scenes to share with you. I will share more as soon as the new collection is out.



Anyone thats knows me knows I LOVE fairytales and awesome props and locations. I also love Harry Potter because it reminds me a lot of my childhood stories by my Mum. Also my two kids grow up loving the films. 

 So when we got to go as a family to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford, this weekend it was a dream come true. I was literally in heaven looking at all of the sets and props. We knew it was going to be amazing but never knew how awesome it would really be! Myself and my husband stood a few times with our mouths open in shock. 

 The studio is just magical and you get see many of major interior and exterior sets for the Harry Potter movies, along with props, costumes and special effects displays. Afterwards when when came out Steve and I stood in shock after all of that magical wonderful awesomeness …well thats how I can describe it! I said to him I now need to go home and make some sets and props for my visual stories that I have in my head. We left full of excitement and inspiration. 

 Here are some photos of our day out…


Aug has all been about campaign shoots and look books shoots. I have done more in one month than I have ever done since I started my business. So I thought I would share with one of my look books that I created for a new client. 

My client is an incredible designer Claire Stockings-Baker. She has made three very different jewellery collections based around, the cosmos, woodlands and seaweed. So instead of photographing these on one day with one model I thought it would to break it up into three shoots. I wanted to treat each shoot very differently, because the collections lend themselves really well to this. 

So here are my favourite images from each collection - COSMOS 

MODEL Kendall Royden 

Tamsyn Siddiqui Make-up Artist & Beauty Stylist


Model + Makeup Artist Chloe Drew


Model + Makeup Georgina Markham


The weather hasn’t very summery of late. I actual think our summer here in Cornwall was over on  the start of Aug. I had a shoot booked and it happen to pour down with rain and the light was funny looking, but I didn’t want to cancel.  The fashion story was with a pair of my favourite models. Lauren and Victoria are twins and are just the nicest girls you could ever meet. The twins and I were surround with awesome plants, we had lots of laughs and shot into the low light - we ended on a rainbow!

MODELS Victoria + Lauren Charman



I have recently been working with a new client creating content from their brand, which has been really fun. Creating visual stories for content for clients is one of my favourite things. It’s so much fun styling and creating a scene for the products to be in. Also when you love a product like this it makes it even more fun to do.

 One of the products that my client sells are slippers. I LOVE the handmade 100% sheepskin and wool slippers, they come is lots of styles and colours. They are so comfy, I practically live in mine! 

I thought it might be interesting to share my content creation with you guys, also to share with you this awesome brand! I know followers on Instagram have already brought pairs.


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