Griffin Photography


Alot of people ask me “what is a content creator” and “why do I call myself a content creator photographer?” So I thought it would be a good idea to share a post about what I do to create content.

I work with various lifestyle brands creating quality visual content. My background in the fine arts together with fashion design allows me to use this artistic means of expression to create unique visual content for social, digital and print media. 

Working on both small and large scale projects shooting across various industries and genres. The best way to describe what I do, is that I help to bring products and stories to life (both physically and online) through compelling and engaging visual content - in photography and short films. 

So who hires me for this type of work? I have worked with large and smaller brands selling products from fashion to lifestyle, from generating image banks of visual content with models and teams of creatives, to creating flatlay images. (I also do all my own styling) Other people who hire me for such a shoot are fashion bloggers and influencers. 

It can be difficult to create compelling and professional photographic content all the time! A professional photo shoot with a professional such as myself will provide you with a library of consistent, fashionable, engaging and beautiful content, that you can use for your website, editorials, media releases and of course for your social media use. 

 Here are some of my content creation shoots: 

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