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For a Christmas gift I booked us a little getaway to Edinburgh for a few days. We hadn’t been there together and it has been on my list of places I NEED to see for years. We flew up and arrived on a Friday afternoon leaving late on Sunday night which gave us plenty of time to explore this incredible city. 

With it’s castle, stunning architecture and a massive nod to the Harry Potter world, Edinburgh really has  become one of my most favourite cites. Our first day was spent exploring the area closest to our hotel and locating somewhere we could eat dinner and we really wanted to find somewhere nice for breakfast. The city is split into two, the new and old towns. We didn’t go to Edinburgh for high street shopping so we preferred the Old town area of the city which is more cultural and has independent stores. 

OLD TOWN There are plenty of charming places to photograph in Old Town simply because the architecture is so beautiful and rich with history. The Castle is located at one end and Holyrood Park at the other, the Royal Mile is one of those ‘must-see Edinburgh’ attractions that most certainly can’t be missed on any trip to the city. Located in the very heart of the Old Town, a walk down the Royal Mile will allow you to see plenty of pubs, churches and other historic buildings.

A visit to the outskirts and entrance to the castle is free, but you have to pay to enter the walls, we decided to do that another time as it was really packed and we like some space to explore, the view from the top was incredible! Located at one of the highest points in the city you get to see a different  view point of the city. 

It’s well known that JK Rowling lived in Edinburgh while writing much of the Harry Potter series. As a result, many of the locations in the books featured heavily as inspiration. Everywhere you turn you see something that reminds you of Harry Potter and I loved that! For example Victoria Street is colourful and lined with bright coloured stores, It’s reportedly the street that inspired Diagon Alley.

Every alleyway you see you have to walk down and explore because they either look like they are taking you to Diagon Alley, or they open up into magical court yards. 

If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan cafe to have breakfast, Hendersons Salad Table is awesome they have been trading since 1967 and make the best vegan pancakes I have ever had! 

Ross Fountain at the Princes Street Gardens - The Princes Street Gardens are two parks that lie side by side to each other. There’s a gorgeous fountain and perfect view of the castle, which makes this one of the picturesque places to photograph in Edinburgh.

The National Museum of Scotland is filled with history and it blew our minds we had so much fun here!  Free to visit, it makes the perfect rainy day activitiy.

Will I go back? Hell yes! I am now planning a trip to the Highlands.  Here is a little film I have made …

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