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I probably spend most of the time complaining about how cold it is, I really do love winter. Those crips mornings and the smell of log burners in the air throughout our village is lovely. I also love the muted colours around me, what’s not to love? 

 Usually it takes me to adjust from the fairy lights and festive vibe to this bleak and cold period. I want to fully embrace this winter, be outside as much as possible and capture the this season. As a fashion and lifestyle photographer I work mainly outdoors, so this season is normally hard for me due to the weather. 

I want a winter winter overload, full of walks and hot chocolates.


I recently brought this soft thick knitted jumper from Marks & Spencer’s. I love this colour, it goes with almost everything and I seem to have a lot of this shade so it was a win win purchase. Also this awesome little waterproof back pack from Ula Clothing. It’s perfect for outdoors and small enough that it does over power me. Also I LOVE the colour.


EVENINGS AT HOME: I am planning on becoming a homebody over these months. I want to find some great TV, scary movies and play games with my family. If you have any TV series recommendations, then please let me know. Theres nothing better than finding that great series that you have to stay up late for to keep watching back to back. 

TIME OUT: When the evening draw in early I have been stopping work and actually taking time to sit and chill out with a good inspiration book. It’s been great to stop and build ideas and feel creative.  It’s also been nice to go over old photographs I have and look back at family memories. 

I LIVE for baths when it’s cold, sometimes when I’ve been out during the day and come home in the eve, I need to have the hottest bath to defrost myself. I love to have candles on on the best bubbles I can find and just sit back and chill out. I have also been meditating every day and I feel it has really helped me. It has made me focus on my thoughts and feelings and made me feel great inside. I am certainly going to make well being my main goal this year!


Embrace this season guys! What do you look forward to this time of year?

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