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I have been asked so much to share my style, people ask me what I wear and where I get things from, so I have decided to do a ‘Fashion Friday’ feature on the last Friday of every month. I will be sharing my 3 favourite outfits of the month that I have worn for three different occasions -

 1. My favourite stay at home and edit outfit 

2. My favourite what I wore to meetings outfit. 

3. My favourite what I wore for photo shoot days. 

 So before we dive into my first Fashion Friday I thought it would be good to give you some back ground  my personal style. As you probably know I am a mum of two teenagers, living in Cornwall with five dogs and two cats with my hubby Steve. I work as a fashion and lifestyle photographer, with most of my days being out on location photographing. 

I started my career as a fashion designer and since then I have worked in styling, interior design and as a fine artist. My style when I was younger and at the start of my career road, was that I followed fashion trends and I loved designer labels. 

Becoming a mum didn’t really change my style at all. I know mums get bad press when it comes to style and people think we automatically lose our sense of style and our passion for fashion just because we have a kid or 2. BUT that isn’t the case at all. The only time my I  thought  I should maybe change my style was was I was heading towards 40. It made me think “should I wear this because I’m older?” “Is this ok for my age?” I think as women at the end of our 30’s all think like this?

Now in my 40’s my style is this: 

- I do not follow trends and I wear what I LOVE

- I like ‘comfy’, my hubby laughs at me as this has happened as soon as I hit 40! By comfy I mean loose, baggy and a dress size up than what I am. 

- I LIVE in trainers because I’m on my feet most of my working days. So no more heels! 

- I wear black as an uniform outfit when I am on photo shoots with clients. It’s smart and when you work on a wedding you do not stand out when you are surrounded by people. 

- I have a LOVE for ‘smart joggers’ 

- I LOVE a good printed t shirt because you can dress it up and dress it down. 

- I don’t buy designer labels anymore and I prefer high street or vintage or a good bargain! 

- I do still have a LOVE for designer hand bags though. 

 The only thing I guess I have kept from when I was 21, is the LOVE of t shirts and leopard print! 

So Fashion Fridays is where I am going to hopefully inspire you and share my style journey with you. I hope you enjoy!



Black skinny fit jeans from Newlook worn with this soft long striped jumper from Zara with my favourite Nikes. To bring some colour when I popped out for the school run I worn this red taken scarf from ASOS. Necklace is by Naomi Crook.


I literally LOVE this fluffy jumper from Zara which I wore over a thermal long sleeved plain black top as a base layer to keep warm, from Marks & Spencers. High waisted wide trousers from Topshop and my new red ankle boots also from Topshop. 


Plain white cotton t shirt - This one is a mans because I wanted a t-shirt that was longer on the length for me and it is from Primark. Plain black light weight jumper that is longer at the back with side vents from Newlook. Soft black trousers from Marks & Spencers worn with Adidas trainers.
Necklace by the talented Naomi Crook and the long black jacket is from Sainsburys which I worn out on location during my shoot.  

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