Griffin Photography


This week I had the pleasure of photographing for a pair of talented sisters. One is a jewellery designer - Naomi Crook and then other made some floral crowns - Deer + Bird. 

The crowns were made from silk flowers, freshwater pearls, vintage beads and ribbon, feathers. The models were two beautiful girls that I have worked with many times so it was the perfect fashion shoot to be apart of, as I was surrounded with incredible women  who I just love to hang around with. 

 I am literally in love with this visual story because it has so many things I love in it; from plants, to the set, the people, elements of Frida Kahlo and Naomi’s little daughter who made such a lovely model! ALSO it even had a tortoise in the shoot! 

 Part of the theme which was - Female solidarity and you can see Naomi’s new crystal pendants featured in this story. 

I mainly photograph and work with women and I am a big believer that we should all all and support each other. No judgment, no negative energy - just happiness and supportive. ⠀⠀⠀


MODELS: Maisie Tooley and Sarah Alexandra

Some behind the scenes…

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