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Anyone thats knows me knows I LOVE fairytales and awesome props and locations. I also love Harry Potter because it reminds me a lot of my childhood stories by my Mum. Also my two kids grow up loving the films. 

 So when we got to go as a family to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in Watford, this weekend it was a dream come true. I was literally in heaven looking at all of the sets and props. We knew it was going to be amazing but never knew how awesome it would really be! Myself and my husband stood a few times with our mouths open in shock. 

 The studio is just magical and you get see many of major interior and exterior sets for the Harry Potter movies, along with props, costumes and special effects displays. Afterwards when when came out Steve and I stood in shock after all of that magical wonderful awesomeness …well thats how I can describe it! I said to him I now need to go home and make some sets and props for my visual stories that I have in my head. We left full of excitement and inspiration. 

 Here are some photos of our day out…

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