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Wow! Lockdown… I started Lockdown and held fear in my heart for my businesses, but I felt a huge surrender to let go because to be honest we can’t really control it, nor can we tell what the outcome will be when this returns to the normal. 

What this period has showed me is so much more than fear. I has allowed me to to be still, have slower days and find time to really feel my creativity, which has been incredible. It has made feel gratitude for all of my clients, my teams I work with and for the people around me. 

Today I thought instead of sharing just work I have been been doing, I would share documentation of my lockdown at home. I haven’t left our village for over 7 weeks now, but I have actually felt ok with that. I am so lucky to live in a small countryside village in Cornwall by a creek surrounded by woodlands and wild flowers. So there’s plenty to see, and places to walk. 

I have been picking wild flowers and putting them in our home. Going for pretty walks and I have even seen deer!

Being at home has also felt really nice. Surrounded with my little family and our dogs and cat. I think our dogs have really loved us all being at home. In March I got Walter our little chihuahua, so although his socialising hasn’t been great, it has been wonderful for me to have this guy follow me around.  He sleeps with us so I started to document his waking up and coffee time with me each morning. It’s been beautiful getting to know him and for him to know his new friends. 

Having a cosy home has never felt so important to me! Having both of my mini adults at home has been the best thing really.  My husband had his birthday in April  which wasn’t ruined by the lockdown. We have laughed,  I have taken time out for me time, we have danced and become TicTok famous with over 4 million views! 

I have done some remote work for epic brands while we are in this situation. I have created content for White Stuff, Ambience and some new brands who have just launched their businesses. I’m doing everything I can to continue supporting  small businesses and I’m working on special content that I hope will help others get through this time, because we we will get through this together.

I’m finding my creativity and ideas are coming out in full force at the moment!  I am continuing capturing content remotely for you, I can support your brand’s visual needs and keep your business running.  If you’d like to work with me and create some storytelling imagery for your business, now is the time to get in touch and chat ideas!



1. Zoom sessions⁠; these sessions are a beautiful way we can stay creative whilst being apart

⁠2. Product lifestyle content Photography; editorial imagery for product-based brands

3. Image banks; stock images to help you create a cohesive brand presence to attract your dream client.

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