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I have just come back from an incredible two week adventure in Canada with my mum. 

Canada is everything I imagined and more! The people were so lovely, so polite and friendly and the scenery literally blew my mind at times. 

We flew into Vancouver and caught a ferry to Vancouver Island. We started our adventure in Victoria, the island’s biggest city and capital of British Columbia. It is known for being one of Canada’s most English cities. 

In the middle of our first week we took a road trip to the island’s west coast and the fun little hipster surf town of Tofino. It’s a stunning wilderness on the edge of the sea, full of surfers. 

During the five hour drive to Tofino we stopped to see the Douglas Fir at Cathedral Grove. I have heard about HUGE trees before coming to Canada and wanted to see them for myself. If you’ve never seen a majestic Douglas Fir, it feels overwhelming and hard to explain. Imagine the average fir tree, and now double it in size, and triple that again. A fully-grown Douglas fir can reach 225 ft into the sky. Some of these trees are 800 years old. 

Mum and I wanted to see trees while we were in Canada and we wanted to place our arms around them, but you can’t they are huge! Cathedral Grove is the home of the densest collection of these trees. You stand there in the quiet, looking up towards where the treetops meet the sunlight, it feels like time itself has stopped to listen. 

We stayed in Tofino for three days before returning to Victoria for the rest of our trip. I saw water falls, forests, lakes, mountains, city life and a family of racoons. I tried jam and peanut butter and it was nice! One of the nicest things that someone said to me was when a waiter went to clear my glass and said “Parden my reach”… how sweet is that! 

One of things I noticed about Victoria, is that there are lots of wild deer walking around in the city, by the road side and in the housing estates. One even walked up to me for a photo.

During our time in Canada there were moments when I had to blink really hard as what I was seeing felt unreal. Such a magical country that I am already planning to go back to.  

Here are a few of my favourite shots and a film of our adventure.


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