Griffin Photography


With running your own business it can get very hectic and you can find weeks fly past quickly. I love working for my clients but there are times I want to make time to create for me. I have been planning a visual story for a while now around my favourite colour - PINK. 

I asked a model who I have worked with before who loved my love for pink also. Model Ella and I planned the outfits together for this shoot and we worked with a local talented makeup artist. I just wanted to photograph something happy, fun and free and today this shoot was all of those things. 

This morning there was a sea mist which made the sky and sea go a pastel colour - which is of course ideal for this story! There was laughter, talking about travelling, discussing our love of fashion and lots of fun.
I hope you enjoy this story. 

 MODEL- Ella Jarvis 

MAKEUP ARTIST - Stacey Cremin

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