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I have mentioned in my last post about my recent sale shopping and the fact I did get some great bargains, which I am going to share with you today. 

 If you follow me on Instagram you will of seen that I have a new leopard print coat. I have worn this style of coat for years and my last one is actually probably about 15 years old and sadly the lining is falling out. So when I saw this one in the sale I jumped at it. This is so comfy and soft and was from Debenhams

Topshop has so many awesome items in the sale. I brought these awesome red ankle boots  which I LOVE. 

I own a pair of silver ones in the same style from this brand,which I brought last year. After wearing them so many people I know went out to buy them, so this may happen with these red beauties. 

I also brought this soft casual red checked shirt that I brought two sizes up as I like baggy and comfy style. It has beautiful embroidery on the cuffs and on the back. 

 Keeping with a red theme how nice is this cardigan from Hollister.


My love for Marks & Spencers will never change. I shared in my last post that gorgeous pink jumper. At the same time of buying that I got this soft cream jumper. It’s so pretty with metallic silver and gold bits throughout the knit.


As it’s been cold here in Cornwall and I have had pneumonia, so I brought this comfy PJ set and lounge cardigan from Next which is so comfy! Perfect with my favourite slipper brand Sheepers.


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