I recently came across a new skincare brand that is vegan and chemically free called KALINA. Not only are they beautifully designed and packaged they are incredible skin care products, so now I am huge fan! They look beautiful on the dressing table!

They have be designed utilising the power of nature we create pure and effective skincare. The products are made in a traditional way using the best quality ingredients. Never chemically refined!

Products I used were - 

100% Organic Rosehip Oil

Natural Vitamin C Face Oil Serum 

I can’t actual pick a favourite from these two products as they are both incredible.The Natural Vitamin C face oil serum holds Vitamin C  which acts as antioxidant and has an important role in collagen synthesis, which makes it vital for skin health. 

I applied the Organic Rosehip Seed oil to my skin immediately after a bath  so that the oil locks in the moisture from the shower. ⁠In the morning my face looked so healthy, glowing and soft. 

Here are the content images I have created for this brand, for more details or to order these for yourself please see HERE

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