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Spring started off beautifully in Cornwall, but more lately it’s been grey wet and chilly which is a pain especially as I am a photographer who likes to shoot on location, plus I have so many visual stories I want to create outdoors right now. So when my photographer friend asked about collaborating on a studio shoot - I jumped for joy! In between my other photography assignments I started to plan a bridal story that as a team we could create together. The studio is called Figolux and it is huge - so much space to create in which is amazing. I am a lover of natural light but if you want to create as a photographer (away from the bad weather), a studio is always space to work in - plus it is always good to try something different.

I normally plan editorials and personal projects around themes that attract my clients. Lots of my clients work in the bridal industry and as I haven’t done much studio bridal stories I thought it would be fun to do. It’s great to work with people you like and who think similarly to you who take their job seriously. It’s important to take a good shot but it’s crucial to have a good time on set, it keeps the energy going and the momentum at the start of the shoot which needs to be maintained throughout the day. Here are the images with the behind the scenes, I hope you enjoy them. 


MODEL: Natalie Whear 


HAIR STYLIST: Emma Simms from Hair Boutique in Truro 

WEDDING DRESSES: St Ives Bridal Rooms 

 FLORIST: Twigs & Greens 

ASSISTANTS: Holly Kenyon and Lorraine Brown 

STUDIO: Figolux

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