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Time is flying past this year and we are well and truly into our spring season. This brings so much to look forward to. So instead of just sharing with you guys my most recent work I thought today I would share some thoughts.

I personally love this time of year because, everywhere starts to look brighter, I can photograph outdoors more easily and I am surrounded by colours and I also adore the change of light. 

Spring also brings me a much more busy time with my work. Part of my work is weddings and elopements so this time of year this really picks up with this type of work. I am looking forward to meeting all my new bride and grooms and capturing their day soon. At the end of this month my second front cover for a  local bridal mag is being released! I can not wait to share these images with you all. 

As well as weddings  this time of the year, brands start to want to refresh their visual content and get ready for the summer season, so there is lots of work to get through there. I have fashion look books to create, some fresh content stories and some branding work to create, which I can’t wait to do.

I know I have mentioned before about being a workaholic, but my ‘work’ doesn’t feel like work to me because I love it so much. BUT saying that I have made a pact with myself to have some ME time. I am one of those people who can work everyday and most evenings but I also have to have that good balance or work and chill time.

On a personal note my Dad sadly passed away in January and grief is a funny thing, it can pop up at anytime and bite you in the ass! So I have been having good and bad days dealing with my emotions connected to that. Which is normal I know, and on a good note it has taught me to have so me time, to slow down and allow to feel like this. 

I am aiming to get up earlier, get outside everyday if I am not photographing and just be in nature, for me not just for work. I am meditating every day and connecting to my crystals. I know this sounds all hippy like, but it really helps clear the mind.

So what’s coming up for me to share with you by the end of May?

- Spring fashion stories,

- Beach fashion stories,

- 4 Content creation photo shoots,

- A branding story,

- Bridal editorial that is going to be insane!

- Elopements,

- A styled bridal photo shoot.

What would YOU like from me? What would you like to see more of? I would really love to hear. Are you just interested in photo shoots or would you like to see more real life? 

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