Days are slowly starting to have more structure, plans are in the making and work is being booked in. Each day is about slow mornings, which I have loved. Being more SLOW during lockdown has really taught me a lot about myself but also my business.

We are in a global pandemic that nobody has experienced before. Trying to do our best to navigate through it. Adjusting to a new normal. We have all been forced to reflect while our world heals from humans and I couldn’t think of any better gift for not only us, but for our planet too. After all the panic we now see the positives of this pause. We now understand what is really important to us and what we are grateful for.

Since the start of lockdown I have completely surrendered to a much slower pace of life. Which has actually showed me that I WANT my daily life more like this. It has brought me time for self care, daily rituals and opened  up to more creativity. This has taught me to make sure when things start to return at a far more faster rate of ‘normality’ I must…well I NEED to put in place the practices that I have learnt from this time.

I have personally enjoyed time at home, just staying in our little village, take a far slower pace of life than I have normally done. So I will certainly be carrying on in this way. We can all have this balance of slow life, work life, down time, fun time all balanced into one whole day. No pressure, no rush, rush, rush! 

So with work starting to get back to this new ‘normal’ here is how I will be working:

- All wedding enquires I am taking over Zoom video calls.

- Weddings that I have booked I do have a risk assessment form that I can send to you.

- For fashion and commercial /editorial clients - I will not be working with full teams right now, I can still create product and lifestyle stock images for your brand. 


- Product lifestyle content Photography. 

- Editorial imagery for product-based brands.

- Image banks - stock images to help you create a cohesive brand presence to attract your dream client.

- Fashion / jewellery shoots with one model no creative team.

If you are interested in having curated stock or product images created for your brand, email me or schedule a complimentary consultation via Zoom.

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