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Creating Sacred Spaces 

As a interior stylist who creates unique spaces tailor-made to feel energetically balanced and nourished to each client, I have styled many different environments from coffee shops to peoples homes.  

I believe your home is an extension of your heart and a reflection of your internal shifts. The energy in our homes, just like in our bodies, can become stagnant leaving us feeling overwhelmed, distracted, unsatisfied, anxious and exhausted. 

Working with you we will set out to design a sanctuary by helping you reflect on what you bring into your home. By changing things up and creating intentional areas where you can recharge as well as unwind allows you to open new pathways for energy and opportunities. 

Spaces are a huge part of my spiritual practice. As a highly visual and sensitive person, what I see around me, really effects my wellbeing. As such I seek to create sacred, light, fresh spaces, inspired by an earthy, rustic, bohemian style.

Home Cleansing 

Smudging is a sacred way of removing and dissipating stagnant or negative energy bringing positive vibes back to a room or space. The smoke helps to change the molecular structure of both the air and energy which creates a cleansing effect. It improves air quality as well as boosting moods and has many other benefits. 

I work my way through your home cleansing away negative vibes and replacing the energy with positivity and closing with a beautiful home blessing. At the end of the cleansing we sit down to enjoy a cup of warm cacao while we perform a beautiful house blessing together. This is ideal when you have moved into your new home, or after a sad event, or to start a new chapter in your life. 

£50 (depending on location) includes: spiritual cleansing, house blessing and home made cacao

Creating a unique Sacred Space in your home 


Working with your possessions and furniture we help you to create a personal sanctuary by challenging how you see the space and how by changing things up making intentional areas where you can recharge and reconnect, your own wellbeing can be increased by creating your own Sacred Space. 

A visit to your home offering advice and guidance how to create your own unique personal sacred space. After the consultation I will perform a cleansing ritual using smudge sticks.

£50 (depending on location).


After an initial consultation in your home we would discuss and agree a budget to design and create your own unique sacred space. This could be a small area, full room or an entire property if required. Wherever possible we will use and reuse as many of your possessions and pieces of furniture as fits the theme. This process is a collaboration and we will ensure you feel included at all stages.

Consultation £20 Total price subject to project size and location.

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