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Healing sessions

I believe the best healers are those who can connect with their own experiences and then in turn connect with what is happening for their client. The experiences that are most challenging, the most uncomfortable, the wounds we acquire along the way, are the gateway into our greatest gifts, making us wiser, more open and more available to access healing and expansion.

Sessions are a gentle, hands-on approach that work to clear, rebalance and harmonises the energy system. By honouring any of the physical, mental and emotional experiences being stored in the body you can begin to move in a more positive direction while the body reignites its ability to self-heal.

The treatments are restorative and spiritual leaving you grounded, relaxed and better able to harness your own health and wisdom.  During a session, clients move into a more relaxed state of being, which is often an essential first step in creating change in our lives and improving whole-body health.

Guided Spiritual Meditation 

The session starts with a cup of cacao which opens the heart chakra, builds your energy and increases your mood, it is known as medicine for your soul. Deeply and fully relax in a one-to-one guided meditation to the spirit world where you will see a loved one or spirit guide from whom you will receive guidance and messages to help you on your path.

45 mins £30

Rebalancing Reiki and Crystal Therapy

A hands-on healing session involving the recipient laying down in a relaxed state concentrating on their breathing. We begin with an aura cleansing which will remove negativity, this is followed by the Reiki healing where I move over the body using specific hand positions in areas where the body is open to absorbing Reiki energy. During the treatment I also incorporate crystal healing to balance the Chakras and intuitively gain information to share with my client once the session is over. This treatment helps you regain balance, increase your sense of well-being and will leave you feeling centered and calm. 

1 hour 15min £40

Crystal Awakening Therapy

A session of Reiki healing with crystal placements unique to you and the needs of your body and mind. This session rebalances and aligns the chakras. At the end of your healing session you will be offered a glass of crystal infused spring water using a stone which particularly suits your needs. Not only does this treatment make you feel calm and relaxed, its also incredibly good for relieving anxiety.

1 hour £45


I look forward to hearing from you and how we can start your journey to be a better version of yourself.

Initially please get in touch to let me know a little about yourself and how I can help by using the form provided.

You can also call 07506 459233 or email


“That was just the best experience..... a wonderful cup of Cacao blended especially, then in depth chats about where I’m at, followed by a fabulous Reiki treatment. I feel whole, healed and inspired! Thank you Emma.”

“This morning I had an incredibly inspiring meeting with the most beautiful soul. I feel inspired, empowered and ready to move forward.”

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