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Luna Soul Sisters

Emma Griffin and Faye Dobinson have come together in The Lunar Soul Sisters, using their own methodologies that revolve around a deeper accessing of Soul and Spirit, and turning to ones own heart for guidance. Crystals, Tarot Cards, the construction of rituals (Faye is also a Celebrant), movement as medicine, meditation and empowerment - all have been employed by these humour fuelled, passionate and creative individuals to endure their fair share of the sh*t that life likes to throw. These methods and strategies found them over their many years and have provided invaluable support and often profound resolution, within the often incredibly challenging situations that they have both experienced.

They are happy to share, they are proud to share and they WANT to share in any way towards making women fall in love with themselves and what they are here to do.

There are also upcoming workshops in Penzance, Newquay and Truro held by Emma and Faye together, involving Intention setting and Creative Visualisation, Alters, Creating Rituals, the use of crystals and cards…Please get in touch.

Emma and Faye are also holding monthly Sister Circles creating a space to set intentions, to open your heart, laugh your ass off, dance a little and feel held.

We are NOT alone, we are all in this together, let’s have a conversation, create a community to keep it real.

For details of dates of up and coming circles and event please keep an eye on our Facebook page

Luna Soul Sister Circles

Held every month throughout Cornwall these women's Circles are for creating a space to set intentions, open your heart, laugh your ass off, dance a little and feel held.

As women we have danced with the moon for many lifetimes, a ritual that goes back thousands of years. Luna soul sisters are creating sacred spaces to support and empower women. A women's circle to gather, feel heard, learn, be supported and empowered in order to remind women of what they already know. 


– Goal setting and Cosmic Ordering

– Creating Alters and Sacred Spaces in the Home

– Talking Sticks and Crystal Knowledge

– Mark Making as Medicine

– Self Love to Ease Anxiety


– Soul Sister Hen Ritual

– Baby Blessing

– Getting hitched!

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