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We sometimes need help to get through things, to go to the next level, to gain a new perspective. It’s helpful to get messages from others to see things in a new light or in a new way. My mentoring one to one sessions will help you discover the bigger purpose for your path. Whether you are feeling lost, overwhelmed or unsure where to begin, in the realm of career, life purpose, I guarantee you we can make incredible progress TOGETHER and change your life.

CREATIVE BUSINESS DIRECTION Designed to cover all the key aspects of helping you find your voice as an entrepreneur. 

INCORPORATING SPIRITUALITY INTO YOUR LIFE — How to begin your own unique spiritual path, developing a spiritual routine for healing & awareness. 

SELF LOVE + INNER PEACE  — How to be completely YOURSELF. Enter self acceptance and self love practice.

My mentoring is for those of you who if you are truly ready to change, step into your power, invest in yourself + create a phenomenal life that feels purposeful, exciting + beautiful.

I’ve led myself through some of the most treacherous and challenging times with my holistic approach and it’s an honour to pass that on to my clients who see me in my Sacred Space. 

I take a compassionate, holistic and intuitive approach to mentoring you through any situation in your life. 

I incorporate meditation practices, crystal healing, reiki, cacao, women’s empowerment, and wellness into the mix to help create ease, relieve anxiety and allow the answers that are within you to guide you.

Join me for a journey of self discovery and growth. 

Creative Business Mentoring

Sessions are designed to cover all the key aspects of helping find your voice as an entrepreneur. We teach you the skills needed to get on track attracting the clients you want and showcase your business in the best way. We will work together to get you more focused with your business. Each session will end with the creation of an action plan with specific steps toward reaching your goals.


- Mug of cacao,

– Advice on setting up or building a successful business

– Review of your current brand 

– Portfolio overview 

– Marketing yourself – how to reach your ideal client and why there is no such thing as    competition

– How to set goals for your business in the long and short term

– Building a competitive price list

– How to get work published

– Identifying your own ‘style’

– How to get organised 

These sessions are offered either remotely (online) or one-to-one in my Sacred Space priced at £40 per hour long session.

Spiritual Guidance - Life Coaching

Offered as either one-to-one sessions in the Sacred Space or remotely, the sessions (if face-to-face) start with a cup of cacao which opens the heart chakra, builds your energy and increases your mood, it is known as medicine for your soul. We then discuss areas of your life in which you are feeling stuck or need guidance on, from there I will intuitively gain answers and messages that will guide and inspire you. Readings are gentle, grounded and engaging. They help you gain clarity and empower you in all aspects of your life waking your soul and connecting you to your true essence. 

My sessions hold space for those who are unable to hold space for themselves. To bring awareness to your soul purpose. I read energy as well as receive insight to help others step into their power and onto their true path. Normally at the end of these sessions you will feel focused and calm with a clear direction in life which was not there before. This is a wonderful session if you are feeling low on self love and are at loss to know which way to go. 

1 hour £40

Fully Awaken Sessions

Aimed at women who want to invest in their emotional and spiritual growth, designed to awaken your true self, this course which I dedicate to the younger me who would of really benefitted from this information to help with my own awakening journey, will be passed on to help you with your own personal growth.


- Daily rituals: The power of gratitude, meditation, and setting intentions

- What is manifesting?  Learn how to work with the Law Of Attraction

- Work with crystals: What crystals do, how to cleanse them and how to empower them for your needs  

- Sacred spaces:  Setting up an altar and a sacred space in your home 

- Home rituals: cleansing using a smudge stick and working with the moon

- Healing

A course of six sessions are offered either remotely (online) or one-to-one in my Sacred Space priced at £200 for the whole course.


"Wow, what can I say. The first time I saw Emma on Instagram I was instantly drawn to her energy. About six months ago I was feeling a little lost. I had more than a handful of different jobs and was incredibly busy, but I was feeling unfulfilled and had no idea about what direction I wanted to go in or really what I was doing. So I called Emma. She invited me into her sacred space and we spoke about my businesses. Her knowledge and her generosity of sharing it blew me away. She is a fellow photographer, but her strengths go far beyond in business and personal guidance. She’s helped me in recognising my strengths, and homing in on what I want to be doing, where I want to get to and how to achieve it. Over the last four months she’s filled me with confidence and light, making pursuing these dreams of mine a possibility. It’s okay to ask for help sometimes, I’m the worst at it... but Emma invited me in with wide open arms and has been so incredibly helpful. She is a true inspiration, and a kind, caring spirit. Emma, I can’t thank you enough." PHOTOGRAPHER  Evie Johnstone

"Growing and evolving creatively whilst running an extremely busy photography business is incredibly difficult, it’s also really difficult to ask yourself the hard questions about business values and goals that are true to your creative spirit, I mean, really true. I approached Emma for mentorship to help me navigate my way through an important time in the evolution of my business, I can honestly say the experience and Emma’s kind, professional and deeply considerate mentorship has been priceless for my growth, personally and in business. Emma is positive in every essence, incredibly knowledgable and experienced in creative industries (not just photography) and poured her knowledge and expertise in a direct and cohesive way during the session which left me fire in my belly and a list of tasks to act on immediately, which has already resulted in new bookings with new clients and given my confidence and self belief a long overdue stoke. Thank you so much Emma!’ PHOTOGRAPHER - John Hersey

"This morning I had the most inspirational and motivational business meeting with Emma. I could not have had better mentorship today. Very valuable information given, I have learnt a huge amount from her skills in business. Thank you so much Emma, for your intellectual conversation and guidance, your pretty incredible." MAKEUP ARTIST - Alison Wonderland 

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